Seven Recent Talks

In the summer of 2014, Mark Ediger gave six talks at the University of Pardubice in the Czech Republic that covered a range of topics in supercooled liquids, crystal growth, glass surface dynamics, and formation of ultrastable glasses.  These talks can be downloaded below.

Spatially heterogeneous dynamics in supercooled liquids.

Diffusion-controlled crystal growth from supercooled liquids.

Diffusionless (GC) crystal growth from organic glasses

Mobility near the free surfaces of polymer glasses

Fast crystal growth at the surface of organic glasses

Control of stability and molecular orientation in organic glasses (Or how to make a million-year old glass in 10 minutes)


In addition, Mark gave the following talk at the 2014 American Physical Society Meeting:

Role of Enhanced Segmental Mobility in the Deformation of Polymer Glasses