Surface diffusion and surface crystal growth of tris-naphthyl benzene glasses

TitleSurface diffusion and surface crystal growth of tris-naphthyl benzene glasses
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsRuan, Shigang, Wei Zhang, Ye Sun, M. D. Ediger, and Lian Yu
JournalJournal of Chemical Physics
Start Page064503
Date Published08/2016

Surface self-diffusion coefficients of α,α,β-tris-naphthyl benzene (TNB) glasses have been measured using the method of surface grating decay. For 1000 nm wavelength gratings, the decay occurs byviscous flow at temperatures above T g + 15 K, where T g is the glass transition temperature (347 K), and by surface diffusion at lower temperatures. Surface diffusion of TNB is vastly faster than bulk diffusion, by a factor of 107 at T g. Comparing TNB with other molecular glasses, each evaluated at its own T g, we find that surface diffusion has a greater system-to-system variation than bulk diffusion, slowing down with increasing molecular size and intermolecular hydrogen bonding. Experimentally determined surfacediffusion coefficients are in reasonable agreement with those from simulations and theoretical predictions. TNB and other molecular glasses show fast crystal growth on the free surface and the growth velocity is nearly proportional to the surface diffusion coefficient, indicating that the process is supported by surfacemobility.