Welcome to the Ediger group website

We are part of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Our research is focused in molecular mobility and structure of amorphous materials.


Wed August 27th, 6pm in 8351 (Pizza will be provided at 5:30)

In search of structure and stability in a glassy world: A presentation of the High-Throughput Preparation and Characterization of Vapor-deposited Organic Glasses DOE grant by Diane and Ankit

Thurs September 4th, 6pm in 8351 (Pizza will be provided at 5:30)

Why do plastics stretch? A presentation of the Molecular mobility during polymer glass deformation NSF DMR grant by Josh and Kelly.

Wed September 10th, 6pm in 8351 (Pizza will be provided at 5:30)

Strange behaviors of PVD glasses: A presentation of Dynamics of Vapor-deposited Glasses and Liquids NSF Chemistry grant by Mike.

Thurs September 18th, 6pm in 8351 (Pizza will be provided at 5:30)

Paper Discussion: We will be discussing the following two papers:

The majority of our discussion will be on the 1st paper. Links are above, but you are encouraged to come up to 7317 or 7305 to get a copy of the papers

Tue September 23rd, 8:30am in 3219

Engineering Organic Glasses: A presentation of the Engineering Organic Glasses MGI grant by Jaritza and Yue. 


Starting October 7th, our regular group meetings will be on Tuesdays at 8:30am in room 3219



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